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View-Master Viewer and Reels

View-Master Viewer and Reels

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Take an excellent journey back in time to sitting criss-cross applesauce in your childhood bedroom with your left hand smashing a view-master against your eye sockets while your right hand pushes the lever down with a satisfying *click* and the reel shifts clockwise to the next slide of an adorable Snoopy scene or 3D picture from a national park.

This View-Master looks great, still works, and is still as fun as it was back then. Put it out for your house guests to play with when they're over at your place to sip and spill the tea. Show the kids what slides are!

Relive your childhood memories with the timeless and classic vintage View-Master, complete with all the charm and nostalgia. Invite friends over and prepare to be transported to a world of colorful 3-D images that will have you feeling like a kid again.

Viewmaster arrives with an assortment of vintage reels, all still in great shape and all fun blasts from the past.

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