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Hellcats USA

Magic Mystery8 Ball Yes/No Question Card

Magic Mystery8 Ball Yes/No Question Card

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Need an answer to a burning question? Remember that mood ring you treasured as a kid because Veda from "My Girl" had one but now you have no idea where it is because your Mom probably threw it away? Does your Magic 8-Ball keep giving you corners and purple bubbles when all you need is a straight answer like "Come Back Later" or "Not at This Time"??

Well, you're in luck. Just place your finger on this Magical Mystery 8ball card brilliantly alchemized into creation by the creative geniuses at Hellcats USA and wait for the wise and all-knowing temperature-sensitive response. The card is credit card size and easily fits in your wallet so you never have to make a decision on your own again. Indecisive people, rejoice! Let the 8ball guide you to greatness. It's like having a fortune teller at your fingertips, conveniently with you wherever you go.

And to top it off, it's proudly made in the USA, by the creative husband and wife team at Hellcats USA, one of our favorite small indie creative businesses.

Unleash the magical gift of decision-making with the 8 Ball Mood Card! The perfect little gift to enclose in any greeting card, for your emo friends, the Graduate in your life, or for generally indecisive folks on the go.

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