Introducing our Meet the Makers Blog

Introducing our Meet the Makers Blog

Have you ever wondered about the talented folks who pour their heart into creating the unique gems you find at Rubys? Let's take a closer look at these independent artists, makers, and creative rebels who bring their passion to life through their craft.

Check back often to learn more about our vendors, we'll be highlighting two to four vendors each month so you can get to know them better.

What inspires these creative minds?

For many of these artists, inspiration can come from anywhere - a walk in nature, a vivid dream, or even a childhood memory. Their creativity knows no bounds, and they are constantly seeking new ways to express themselves through their work.

How do they bring their ideas to life?

From sketching out designs to sourcing materials, these makers put in countless hours of hard work to turn their vision into a reality. Each product is a labor of love, with attention to detail and a dedication to quality that shines through in the final result.

Why choose to support independent artists?

By supporting independent artists and makers, you are not only investing in a unique, handcrafted product, made by real people with real lives, you are also supporting a dream. These creative folks have risked quite a lot to follow their (he)art and share their creativity with the world, your support helps them continue to do what they love.

Next time you browse through the products at Rubys, take a moment to appreciate the stories behind each item. These creative geniuses are the heart and soul of our collection, and we are proud to introduce you to them.

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