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Blue Heron Botanicals

Today is Earth Day, so we thought it would be appropriate to kick off our Meet the Makers Blog with one of our favorite earth-conscious makers, Blue Heron Botanicals.

From solar powered, off-grid property among the redwoods of Northern California, comes Blue Heron Botanicals, where sustainability guides everything in the company.

We are proud to feature Blue Heron Botanicals on Earth Day because their products are:

  • Plastic Free
  • Zero Waste
  • Certified Organic and Sustainably Organic
  • Made with locally sourced ingredients and manufactured in the USA
  • Made With PCW (post-consumer waste) Recycled Paper, Recyclable, and Home Compostable
  • Made with Tree-Free Labels
  • Helping with Sea Turtle Conservation, Plastic Waste Removal, and Plastic Pollution Education

Blue Heron Botanicals donates a portion of funds from every product sold to SEE Turtles Billion Baby Turtles Initiative; for every product sold a baby sea turtle is protected. 🥹 To date they've saved 79,613 baby turtles 🐢 and diverted 100,000 units of plastic from landfill (aka, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch).

We're so proud to carry Blue Heron Botanicals at Ruby's, you can shop their delicious, earth-warrior lip balms here:

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